Organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine Automatic bag packing machine Can be matched with palletizing manipulator
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The organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine is easy to operate. The operator only needs to place hundreds of customized packaging bags in the bag placement part. Manual operation reduces the use of workshop personnel and is more convenient for enterprise management.

The back end of the organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine is equipped with a palletizing robot, which can automatically complete the work of bag taking, bagging, bagging, automatic weighing of materials, automatic filling of materials, automatic sewing bag output, automatic palletizing, etc. The two constitute automatic packaging. The palletizing line is suitable for automatic packaging and palletizing of various packaging bags of 10-50KG, such as paper bags, plastic bags, woven bags, etc. The whole packaging process does not require any manual operation, which greatly saves the manpower and material resources of enterprises. And the investment of financial resources reduces the production cost of the enterprise and improves the production efficiency.

Features of organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine:

1. The structure is compact, the degree of integration is high, and the floor space is saved;

2. The bagging, bagging, filling, sealing and palletizing are completed in parallel, and the packaging speed is fast;

3. High efficiency and sturdy increase the filling rate, servo technology accurately controls the bag length and reduces packaging costs;

4. Using fieldbus technology and friendly human-machine interface, it provides convenient visual parameter setting, intelligent system diagnosis and help functions, and the system is easy to use and maintain;

5. It is suitable for the packaging of various materials and has a wide range of applications.

The organic fertilizer automatic packaging machine can be matched with a palletizing manipulator to create a fully automatic packaging and palletizing production line for bag materials.

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