The technological process and advantages of the three-dimensional packaging machine
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The vertical packaging machine is a machine that makes a roll-shaped flexible packaging material into a bag tube, fills the material, and seals it, and the three functions are automatically and continuously completed. In conjunction with the previous metering and filling machine, the vertical packaging machine is often used for packaging block, flake, granular, stalk, powder, and fluid and semi-fluid materials.

At present, the empty operation of vertical packaging machines on the market can basically reach 120bpm (bags/min), and the speed can reach 60-80bpm with the previous metering and filling machinery.

Process Description:

The characteristic of the vertical packaging machine is that the feeding cylinder of the packaged material is arranged inside the bag maker, and the bag making and filling are carried out in the vertical direction from top to bottom. The vertical packaging machine is mainly composed of measuring device, transmission system, horizontal and vertical sealing device, former, filling tube and film pulling and feeding mechanism.

The working principle is as follows: the roll film placed on the support device is wound around the guide roller group and the tensioning device. After the photoelectric detection control device detects the position of the trademark pattern on the packaging material, it is rolled into a film cylinder by the former. Wrapped on the surface of the filling tube. First, the longitudinal heat sealer is used to longitudinally heat seal the film at the interface part rolled into a cylinder to obtain a sealed tube, and then the cylindrical film is moved to the transverse heat sealer for transverse sealing to form a packaging bag tube. The metering device fills the measured items into the packaging bag through the upper filling tube, and then heat-seals it by a transverse heat sealer and cuts it in the middle to form a packaging bag unit body, and at the same time form the bottom seal of the next tube bag.

PLC: OMRON multifunction machine CP1H (analog type)


Built-in USB programming port, and can be configured with RS232, RS485 communication serial ports, so that PLC can be connected to man-machine interface, temperature controller or inverter at the same time. FB (function block) function can be used to communicate with OMRON's own temperature controller or inverter, saving the tedious 485 communication program writing

Built-in four-way 100kHz high-speed pulse output, control four-way servo system, realize precise positioning and speed control of film pulling and traction, when it is necessary to expand servo functions such as horizontal sealing, etc., there is no need to add additional positioning modules, saving costs for customers

The program with long color calibration can be written in the input interrupt program by using the powerful interrupt function of CP1H, without being affected by the length of the cycle scan time, increasing the real-time performance of servo start and stop

HMI: OMRON Color Touch Screen NS Series


Has a variety of screen types

Excellent compatibility with OMRON controllers

Rich SAP library functions, communication with some devices (such as thermostats) of OMRON's factory only needs to be obtained from the SAP library

Just paste the parts on the screen, no need to create screens or ladder diagrams

Support 41 languages, one screen can display up to 16 languages

Support up to 1000 recipe functions

Servo: OMRON SmartstepZ Series Servo


It is equipped with a further automatic gain adjustment function. The parameter setting is simple, and the content to be set is roughly the same as that of the stepper motor. Compared with the stepper motor, it has a higher torque vortex flowmeter.

All adjustments are done automatically by the servo drive

Temperature control scheme: E5□Z series temperature controller + G3NA series solid state relay (SSR)


The E5□Z series thermostat can perform automatic adjustment and self-adjustment. Auto-tuning is possible even when self-tuning is being performed

RS485 serial communication with OMRON's PLC or HMI can directly call function blocks without user programming

External SSR models can directly open and close larger capacity

Sensor: E3X-DAC fiber optic sensor


Equipped with a color sensing engine, the color information of the workpiece itself is processed through the RGB three primary colors to achieve the purpose of detecting the workpiece

Enhance the ability to resist deviations such as jitter in the workpiece detection site, and reduce the influence of misoperation judgment caused by distance changes

White LEDs are used, and there is no need to replace the light source for various inspection workpieces, enabling easier, more secure, and more accurate inspections

OMRON's complete product system covers almost the entire industrial control products required for vertical packaging machinery, and each product has its own independent advantages and high compatibility between our products. Customers use the OMRON complete system to solve the problem. The solution not only saves the workload and development cost, but also greatly improves the overall performance of the machine.

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