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Dongguan Huida Automation Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in the beautiful garden city of Dongguan, which is known as "the world's smart factory", with superior geographical location and convenient transportation. The company is mainly engaged in the research and development of quantitative packaging scales, automatic bagging machines, high-position palletizers, robot palletizer production lines, intelligent loading systems and industrial automation control systems, and one-stop service for the transformation, installation and sales of production equipment. , Products are widely used in feed industry, chemical industry, grain and oil industry, seed industry, plastic industry.

Automatic bagging machine

The automatic bagging machine mainly replaces manual bagging and saves labor costs. It is suitable for automatic packaging of packaging bags made of paper, polyethylene (PE), paper with PE lining or PE coating, and laminated polypropylene. The bag machine is used in conjunction with the automatic bag sewing machine and the automatic bag transfer labeling machine to realize an unmanned overall solution for the whole packaging process。

Packaging scale series

Gate feeding bucketless quantitative packaging scale.
High-precision sensors are matched with highly intelligent instruments.
The frequency converter is used for stepless speed control.
Touch screen operation interface, simple, intuitive and convenient operation (optional).
Series Products
Pioneer of automatic equipment for woven bag packaging
Provide customers with a full range of tailor-made automation solutions
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